Sunday, 27 July 2014

Yang Mei 2

Recently bought another piece of shoushan carving, it is a basket full of Yang Mei. This time there is an insect resting on the fruit, apparently eating the leaves. I really like this carving as the stone is carved all round with the fruits, leaves and branches. You can view it at any angle and still see fruits dangling from the edge of the basket. Of course, one cannot miss a big insect enjoying its meal on the leaves. The carving is skillfully done by an unknown master. It is amazing that this piece of art work can be created from an ordinary piece of shoushan stone.

Yang Mei fruits on branches
Yang Mei fruits, from trees cultivated along the Yangtze river, may be dried, canned, soaked in Chinese liquor, or fermented into alcoholic beverages.Dried fruits are often prepared in the manner of dry huamei (Prunus mume). The juice has been commercialised under the brand name "Yumberry" under which name it is trade-marked in the EU. In Yunnan Province in China, there are two main types of yangmei, a sour type used for making dried fruit and a sweet type used for juice and fresh eating.

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