Sunday, 28 July 2013

A giant teapot

Giant teapot is a rare gem in itself as it is normally not easy to make and fire huge Yixing teapots. Not only that giant teapot requires a lot of Yixing clay (consider now the cost of clay has increase), the pot can easily cracked if not fired properly. In today's trade, it is not easy to fire such big fellows in electric furnaces. In early days, teapots were fired in dragon kiln where wood was burnt to achieved the high temperature required. Experiences of kiln workers were essential to the success of the earthen wares produced by masters.

Alans Museum has such a giant teapot made in the 80s. The potter's name was not very clearly identified but the person who did the inscription work is Tan Quenhai, currently a national grand master famous for engraving work. Although he made his own teapot, Tan used to carry out most of the engraving work on teapots in the factory due to his skills in engraving and his knowledge in the cultural aspects of art and crafts.
Giant teapot with inscription by Tan Quenhai

谭泉海 :1939年出生于江苏宜兴,高级工艺美术师,中国工艺美术大师第七、八、九三届全国人大代表,宜兴市人大副主任,中国王艺美术学会会员,宜兴紫砂文化艺术研究专委会顾问,曾任宜兴紫砂工艺厂副总工艺师。

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