Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Feng Qinfang's (冯勤芳) beauty

Feng Qinfang, grand daughter of Feng Kweilin (a famous potter of the 1950s), is a gifted craftsmaster noted for her imitation of natural things such as bamboo, pine trees and flowers. She is also good at crafting teapots of all shapes from round to square and tall to short. With hard work and perseverance and under proper tutorship from different masters, she stands out among her peers in terms of skills and techniques. Truly a successor of her grand father, Feng Kweilin.

Alans Museum keeps a teapot made by Feng made in the early years. This is a short teapot that looks elegant and solid in design. Brownish in colour, the teapot is ideal for brewing all types of tea. The word 冯勤芳 was engraved at the bottom of the teapot.
Feng Qinfang's work

Feng Qinfang

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