Monday, 29 July 2013

Green sticker teapot

Another characteristic mark of Yixing teapots made in the early years was the so-called 'green sticker'. This happened before the Yixing factory adopted a logo with a design of Square and Round for all the teapots made in the factory. The reason for adopting this label is that teapot shapes revolve around this two fundamental shapes. Potters often design round teapots that contain some square features or square teapots that carry some round features. The saying often goes like this: there is roundness in square pot and there is squareness in round pots. Hence the brand of 'Square and Round' became an instant identification of teapots from the original Yixng factory.

Before that, teapots for sale had the green stickers on them that read 'Made in China". In a way, teapots with green stickers immediately give people a signal that they were not new.

This green sticker teapot was acquired from an importer during the late 1980s. The potter was later identified to be a certain Zhou Linghua, a potter whose name appeared in the Yixing list of potters of the 1980s. Alans Museum has in its possession quite a number of such similar pots. The pot is made of old purplish brown zisha and stands on three legs. It is suited for brewing green tea due to its broad base that allow the eaves to expand fully inside the pot, releasing all its flavor.
Green Sticker Pot, a thing of the past

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