Monday, 29 July 2013

Jiang Xiaoyan's (蒋小彦) early work

Jiang Xiaoyan, a senior craftsmaster of Yixing, is a reputable Yixing potter.

Jiang's segmented teapot of the 1980s
Alans Museum acquired his early work in a teapot designed for the mass market. This teapot has a ball filter inside and the word Jiang Yan engraved on the inside of the cover. The bottom bears the word China Yixing. This is a classic segmented teapot where many potters were involved in their production in early days. It is not surprising one will find a big name in one of these pots. The teapot is made with the purplish brown zisha clay. It came with a plate and four cups when originally purchased. On close scrutiny, it was discovered that the potter was Jiang Xiaoyan. An incredible find indeed.

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