Saturday, 27 July 2013

Zhou Juefang 周菊芳

Zhou Juefang learnt the art of teapot making from Prof Pan and his wife. She is currently a craftsmaster in Yixing. She had won several awards in teapot designs and one of her work is kept in Party Headquarter in Chong Nanhai. She also has one teapot acquired by a local museum in Suzhou for permanent display.

While Zhou was still under the tutorship of Prof Pan in Nanjing, Alans Museum (through associates) commissioned her to make some small teapots for kungfu tea appreciation. These teapots bear the inscription of her name. She also had quiet a number of her teapots on exhibition in Singapore during the early 1900s (Togeher with her masters' work). Alans Museum has the opportunity to acquire 9 pieces of her work for display. Most of her teapots were featured in a book published by a Taiwanese author in the 1900s. Below are two teapots that were modelled after a popular fruit of the Asia pacific region, the mangosteen. Other teapots will be featured in subsequent postings.
Mangosteen Teapots

类别:工艺美术师  See Posting on Zhou Juefang 's round pot for more detailed information on the potter.

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