Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Yun Yuping's (恽益萍) zhisa

Yun Yuping, a crsftsmaster of Yixing, joined the Zisha factory in 1972 as as apprentice. Her tutor was He Daohong who is currently a national grand master. With proper guidance from He and her own handwork, she acquired the skills and art of Yixing pottery. She dares to innovate and her works are refined and meticulously executed.
Alans Museum has a teapot by Yun made in the early years. The teapot was also featured in a publication released in the 1980s. The teapot is made of pure Yclay. Due to many years of usage, it develops a glossy appearance.

Yun Yuping's teapot
Pictures taken from magazine
恽益萍:工艺美术师1954年出生,1972年进宜兴紫砂工艺厂,从师何道洪,开始紫砂工艺生涯.在艺师的精心授艺下,经勤学苦练,今已能 独当一面,制茗壶.近年参加厂部中级培训班和中央工艺美院陶瓷造型培训班学习,知识面又有拓宽.创作新品日趋成熟, 制作线型精细周到,添加松,竹,梅布局均衡,耐人寻味。

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