Saturday, 27 July 2013

Globular teapot with top handle 史玉琴

A rare piece of teapot with a globular body and top handle. The unique thing about this teapot is its globular shape, the roundness of the shape blends well with the top handle. There was one batch of this teapot made in the 80s for the market. Since then, the shape seems to be neglected by the new generation of potters. This piece was probably made in the 1960s. The potter is Xi Yuqin (史玉琴, see info below). Her name appeared in the older records of Yixing potters. She acquired her zisha skills from Wu Yungen (吴云根), one of the Pioneer Seven of the yesteryear fame. Not many of her work was reported in books or magazines.

Alans Museum acquired this teapot in late 1980s in an art n craft shop in Chinatown.


1955 年:高永津、史济华、许旋、朱凤英。
 1956 年:史玉琴、何听初、许慈媛、范洪泉、王月仙、谢乐仙、吴欣南。
 1958 年:1959 年:吕尧臣、许慈媛

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