Saturday, 27 July 2013

Zhang Honghua's (张红华) elegance

Zhang Honghua, currently a senior craftsmaster, is a talented female potter of the 2nd generation masters. She received proper training in zisha ware when she enrolled herself to the Yixing factory's training programme in the 1960s. She worked herself up in the factory with many innovations and creative designs. She is currently attached to the Yixing research institute.

Alans Museum has acquired a piece of Zhang's early work in the 1900s. The teapot has an inscription of China Yixing (a popular mark of the 1980s). The cover bears the inscription of Honghua. The shape of the teapot has a elegant curvature that resembles the shoulder of a lady and the name of the pot is thus "pretty lady's shoulder".
Zhang Honghua's Pretty lady's shoulder
张红华: 1944年生于宜兴陶业世家,中国工艺美术学会会员,研究员级高级工艺美术师,江苏省工艺美术名人, 江苏省工艺美术学会会员.

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