Sunday, 28 July 2013

Teapots exported to Japan

In the 1970s and 1980s, Yixing factory produced quite a number of teapots for export to the Japanese markets. These teapots bear a unique hallmark, they all have a ball filter at the inside of the teapot at the point where the sprout joins the main body work. The function of the ball filter is to prevent the tea from being leaving the teapot. This was a specification at that time by the Japanese tea drinkers as they are known to make tea from very fine tea leaves (some even use tea powders). There are many designs of the teapot exported to Japan. Some were even made by famous potters during their younger days. If you were lucky, you might possess one made by senior crafts masters or even national grand masters of today.

There are quite a number of such 'ball filter' (as they were more appropriately called in market here) teapots in Alans Museum. They were acquired over a number of years of searching and hunting in the antique shops and supermarkets. Some bear the name of Pifang, Jiangyan and Jianhua, all are current craftsmasters in the trade.
Teapot with a peach at the cover
Teapot showing a lion resting on the cover
Teapot with squirrel on top

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