Monday, 29 July 2013

Shi Xiaoma's (施小马) precision

Shi Xiama, a senior craftsmaster of Yixing, is known to have created a lot of square shape designs in Yixing wares. His teapots are particularly attractive and professionally crafted.

Alans Museum acquired a teapot made by Shi Xiaoma in the late 1980s. The teapot was probably one of his early work when he was still a student at the factory. The name Shi Xiama was engraved at the bottom of the pot. It is purplish brown in colour and the cover fits very well on the teapot. The cover and the pot are perfectly crafted with precision.
Shi Xiama's perfect alignment

施小马: 国家高级工艺美术师 高级工艺美术师、中国工艺美术学会会员,1954年生于江苏宜兴, 1998年作品《珏提壶》获“江苏省工艺美术陶瓷新品评比”一等奖;作品《扬帆壶》获“全国陶瓷专业设计评比”二等奖。1999年《垒壶》获“江苏省工艺美术陶瓷新品评比”二等奖。2000年作品《凌云壶》获“首届杭州西博会”银质奖;荣获“中国紫砂名人”称号。2001年作品《垒壶》获“杭州西博会”银质奖。

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