Monday, 29 July 2013

Pan Chun Fang's (潘春芳) Jade Piece

Prof Pan, a student of Chu Kexin, is a senior craftsmaster who was transferred to Nanjing Academy of Art to train and nurture potters. When he was in Singapore in the 1990s, he brought along his teapots for an exhibition cum sale held in Singapore to promote Yixing art and culture.

Certificate signed by Prof Pan
Photo taken with Prof Pan in 1991
In this teapot, he conceptualized the design with the ancient jade piece of the Han and Tang period. He blended old artifact with tea drinking and came up with this teapot of unique shape and design.
Pan Chun Fang's Jade Piece

潘春芳 南京艺术学院教授、硕导省陶学会副理事美国西弗吉尼洲立大学艺术学院客座教授 1936年9月生于江,1955年入宜紫砂工厂,从朱可心学。1964年毕业于中央艺术陶瓷系本科,1978年入研究生班。1981年入南京艺术学院,主持陶艺专业工作。1987年主《紫砂陶器造型》由中国出版社出版; 1987年《砂集》由香港远东出版社出版;1992年《茗壶竞艳》(主要委)由林出版社出版;1998年《宜紫砂》由上海人民美出版社出版。陶作品《藏女》、《石城南瓜茶具》、《彩釉挂》曾得各种奖项。1995年及1999年先后以中国陶代表身份访问欧洲及日本。曾多次在美国、新加坡、加拿大、台湾等地学,并举办作品展。

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