Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fan Qihua's (范其华) modified segmented form

Fan Qihua, a famous potter of Yixing, has worked hersely up from an apprentice in the 80s to now a senior craftsmaster due to her hard work and good workmanship.

Alans Museum had acquired 2 pieces of her work in the 1990s. One is a bluish zisha  clay and the other is a red zisha teapot.
A blue clay segmented teapot
Fan Qihua

A red zisha pot by Fan QH
范其华 高级工艺美术师 江苏省美术协会会员 无锡市美术协会会员 1964年1月生于江苏宜兴,从小生长在陶艺之乡。1980年从事紫砂陶行业,师承中国工艺美术大师徐汉棠,并得到老师悉心传教。多年来一直致力于紫砂工艺的创作和研究,有许多原创力作问世,作品在国内外多次展出得奖,并深得海内外爱收藏家的厚爱。

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