Monday, 29 July 2013

Two of a kind

This is the unique set of teapots that look like a pavilion. Although the teapots were similar in shape, they were made by two different potters using 2 different zisha clay, one red and the other purplish brown. These teapots were acquired at different time, probable in the early 90s.

The brown zisha pot was made by Jiang Sijuen (蒋夕娟) while the red zisha pot was made by Fan Soonxian, both were potters of yesteryear's fame. One has engravings on it while the other is bare to the core.

When these 2 teapots are put side by side, you will then see how matching they become, one complement the other as they stand out and shine together in the realm of zisha world. That is the fun of collecting teapots, always look for a theme and you can have endless satisfaction admiring your collection.
Two of a kind




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