Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kao Xiangjun's (高湘君) segmented pot

Kao Xiangjun, a senior craftsmaster of Yixing, is a famous potter at the factory. She is skillful at both geometric and natural form of Yixing ware.

Alans Museum has acquired a teapot which has a segmented design. The teapot was probably one of her earlier work which she made when she was still a apprentice at the fatory. The teapots were manufactured in the 1970s for the export market. The name Kao Xiangjun was engraved at the bottom of the teapot which is purplish brown in colour. The segments were perfectly crafted to make the body work and the pot is ideal for kungfu tea appreciation due to its small size.
Kao Xianjun's geometric form




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