Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kao Lijuen's (高丽君) jade rabbit

Kao Lijuen (高丽君), currently attached to the Yixing Research Institute, is a senior craftsmaster. She was active in the 80s and 90s and has trained many potters who have become equally famous. One such student is Qi Yeesoon, a nation master at the provincial level. Kao is famous for fer artistic portrayal of natural things such as butterfly, lotus and animals.

Kao's red clay jade rabbit pot
Alan Museum has one piece of Kao's work that depicts a cute rabbit on the cover. It is made from the traditional red zhisha clay.

高丽君: 1940年生于江苏宜兴,高级工艺美术师(宜兴市职改办评定),中国工艺美术学会会员,宜兴紫砂文化艺术研究专委会会员,现宜兴方圓紫砂工艺有限公司从事紫砂壶艺。

1955年进宜兴紫砂工艺厂,先后师从著名艺人朱可心、王寅春学艺,后从事艺徒培训工作十多年,2000年作品《鸣蝉瓜壶》获江苏省陶艺评比一等奖和中国工艺美术精品博览会银奖,其代表作品有《南瓜壶》系列等十多个品种。 研究员级高级工艺美术师

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