Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fang Yulan's (房玉兰) round teapot

Fan Yulan, a talented potter born in 1974. She is currently a senior craftsmaster of Yixing. She is skillful at handy work and involved actively in design and crafting of teapots. With guidance from other masters at the factory, her skills advance tremendously. She is also good at crafting square teapots and her artistic works often won her numerous awards both locally and overseas.

Alans Museum has a teapot made by Fand in the early 80s, probably at the time she was still a technical worker at the factory receiving training. This teapot is round in shape and purplish brown in colour. The size is medium small, ideal for brewing green tea due to its broad base.
Fang Yulan's round teapot

房玉兰 紫砂


职称、职务: 宜兴紫砂工艺二厂工艺美术师


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