Monday, 29 July 2013

Square and Round (方圓) labels of Yixing teapots

In the 1980s, the Yixing factory adopted the logo Square and Round (方圓) label on all the teapots made in the factory. This signifies a new era where the factory could finally promote its very own brand of teapots. This came at a time when the consumers of the whole world were conscious of the brands of the goods they bought. China manufacturers quickly adopted this strategy of having their very own brands in everything they produced. They knew that if their brands were famous, there would be no problem of a share of the world's market in the things they produced.

In Yixing, the factory quickly adopted the Square and Round label to market their products overseas. If you see the label, you will know that the product has come form the original Yixing factory.

This pot bears the name of Chen Zihua

Another pot with the Square n Round label
Alans Museum has in its collection some teapots with square and Round labels. Some were made by known potters whose names were listed in the factory records as potters of that era.

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